Up to stuff

I plan on using this space to track and share my interests, and what I'm up to.

It's not a blog, as such, and it's not really going to be organised very well. Which I suppose reflects actual life.

I'll try to track the movies I watch, the food I cook and maybe some of the trips I go on.

Edinburgh Marathon

02 Feb, 2024

Edinburgh Marathon

  • Running

I'm running my first race in Edinburgh in May read the rest


08 Feb, 2024


  • music, DJing

I do a monthly show for the Melomaniacs collective on Mixcloud. I'll post about the shows as they go live here. read the rest

19 Jan, 2024

What I’m Reading

  • books

I love reading. I'm just very lazy with my choices. read the rest


12 Feb, 2024


  • Social life, Networking, Friendships

Is it – okay – to use work networking to find new friends? read the rest

Yorck Unlimited

29 Jan, 2024

Yorck Unlimited

  • films

Popping my comfort-watching bubble read the rest