I'm Anthony, and this is my online self. These few pages are my way of sharing a wee bit about myself, and the personal and working bits of me.

I'm present on social media, but not really very active. This website is my way of being visible in the digital world without having to actually show up on all those other platforms.

About me

I'm dual British/German. At the time of writing I've been living in Kreuzberg, Berlin for more than half of my adult life. I grew up in England, close to the Welsh border, a little north of Bristol. I studied in the East Midlands and spent the first eight or so years of my working life there.

I spent my thirtieth year travelling overland from Europe through the Middle East to Pakistan, India and China, coming home again on the Trans-Mongolian Railway. (If time, budget and practicalities allow, train travel is absolutely my favourite way to get around.)

Since then I have made Berlin my home, and raised a family. When I have free time I run, DJ, go the cinema and read. I like following sports that aren't widely played or even understood in my adopted homeland.

Cooking a decent evening meal is my end-of-day ritual. I find the shift to a different kind of effort and activity more rewarding than trying to just switch off from the computer and the Slack noise.

About my work

I'm a marketing technology consultant, with a focus on developing solutions for email marketing and communications. I work with email-specific HTML and CSS, am familiar with a wide range of email sending platforms, services, software and markup languages, and work with my colleagues and clients on technology infrastructure and service connectivity.

I spend the major of my working week as Solutions Lead for a UK-based email marketing agency. We work for clients around the world optimising and innovating their e-commerce and business outreach through email. The rest of the time, I work directly with a handful of brands and marketing teams, and I am developing my own email compiler tool based on the Kirby CMS (the same CMS this website is built on).

My path to this point took me from a degree in photography at the turn of the millennium, through a branding and media agency I set up with friends I graduated with, to a freelance career as a designer, marketer, digital project manager and all-round generalist until I settled more exclusively in CRM and email in the mid 2010s.

Since the covid-19 pandemic, I've been a fully remote consultant, and mostly find that way of working to suit my personal, family and professional requirements, with just a little regret that I'm not seeing people IRL more often.

Get in touch

I sometimes write and post my thoughts about all this stuff under the Life and Work pages on this site. I don't have a comments feature, but there is a contact form, and links to some of my social profiles on my Contact page… and those might work as a way of getting in touch with me.