Week 0

Weekly Stand Up Notes

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For the first time in what is probably more than 10 years, I start this working week answerable to no-one except my own conscience and a vague sense that I should be productive.

I’ve been freelancing again since November, and got under way with a continuity contract with my erstwhile employer Horizn Studios while they hired my replacement.

Insofar as I had a plan for this new phase of freelancing, things were going to plan. My transition out of full time employment had a decent cushion thanks to Stefan and the team at Horizn, and I had leads and ideas for projects. I landed a good mix of contracts – some big, some small; some email development, some design, some consultancy. And then the big fish; a CRM tech and infrastructure project for online travel agents Tourlane, due to run for a couple of months. With that assignment successfully under my belt, I was going to up my networking game and get out, meet people, and shake hands…


So now, like many others, it’s all shuttered, on hold or waiting for some kind of certainty, and my thoughts, like many others, are turning to all those ideas for things to do, projects to start and things to learn.

This journal is one of them. I’m going to post weekly Stand Up notes in a public forum about what I’m working on, using the format:

  • A top line status for live projects
  • What did I do this week?
  • What will I do next week?
  • Any blockers or challenges?
  • Any thoughts or insights to share?

I’ve been writing Daily Stand Up notes for myself since I began this spell of freelancing, and when I joined Tourlane, I brought the habit with me, posting to their company Slack as a way to remain transparent and accountable to my client there, especially since I would be sitting between several teams.

I found that it has helped keep me moving and on track. Now that there’s no-one to report to, posting these Notes publicly (even to a tiny audience) will hopefully bring the same sense of accountability.

My plan is that if I can keep up the Daily routine, distilling those Notes down into a weekly summary won’t be too much extra overhead while still being a useful, reflexive exercise.

Plus, I’m interested in the idea of open project management. I don’t know yet how much detail it will be sensible to share regarding any of these projects, but testing out those boundaries will be part of the fun and another learning experience.

My first post will land Monday morning, to set me up for the week, then I’ll try to post every Friday afternoon.

Until then.