WE May 8, 2020

May 08, 2020 Weekly Stand Up Notes

A shorter week, bookended by my birthday on Monday and a public holiday n Friday. Even so, things moved on with a couple of client and collaboration projects, and I dusted off my own website project and got it close to ready for launch. A good week.

Project Updates

  • Newsletter project: Type Designer Interviews | On track
  • Self Promotion: Personal Website | Revived
  • Pro Bono Project: Newsletter and ESP consultancy | New
  • Writing Project: My issues with A/B testing & email marketing | Waiting
  • Client project proposal: Design for a Direct Mailer | Waiting

What did I do this week?


Monday was my birthday. Minimal computer time undertaken. I went for a run and we picked up lots of sushi for dinner.


  • Brought testing article to more-or-less finished state. Waiting for feedback.
  • Re-opened my personal website and did some work in the page templates and style sheets
  • Did some dummy content and layout work on the type newsletter project
  • Had a kick off call with a contact looking for help with newsletter templates and ESP switch. Will be working pro bono.


  • Started some research work for the pro bono newsletter & ESP project. Began a PRD.
  • Started designing a simple logo/masthead for the type newsletter project
  • Met with prospective client to discuss design rate estimate.


  • Further design work on type newsletter masthead
  • Spent the afternoon tinkering with my website and watching the replay of a Eng v Aus test match from 2005.


  • Catch up call to discuss type newsletter. I’m rethinking my ideas around the revenue model, and wanted to understand implications for site backend of introducing paid membership.

What’s planned for next week?

[ ]() Potential print design job
[ ]() Potentially starting on the pro bono newsletter & ESP work
[ ]() Launch Smoke Test sign up page for Type Newsletter
[ ]() (re)Launch my personal site

Any blockers or challenges?

Nothing monumental.

Any thoughts or insights to share?

I’ve been rethinking how my type newsletter project might pay for itself. Originally, I was thinking that a simple sponsor model might eventually bring in enough cash that I could pay for the services needed to run the project and make sure that my collaborators get paid fairly. But now I’m less sure, having read an interesting piece on [reallygoodemails]()(https://reallygoodemails.com/blog/how-sentiers-grows-its-newsletter-supported-by-paying-subscribers/). There the point was made that small, highly engaged audiences are better suited to a membership model than advertising revenue. It’s given me pause for thought.
This topic is worth exploring in more detail than really fits here, so look out for a longer post in the next few days.

Footer of Shame

  • Learning: Jason Rodriguez’s The Better Email | No progress
  • Client Project: Support with Partner List Marketing Opportunity Proposal | Waiting
  • Office Admin: Apply for ALGii | Paused
  • Code/Dev Project: Email Templating System | No progress
  • Workshop Project: Email marketing for freelancers & SMEs | No progress