WE May 1, 2020

May 01, 2020 Weekly Stand Up Notes

Slight change to the format this week. Project updates will stay at the top of the page, but only for things I’ve actively worked on this week. Everything else has been moved to a new Footer of Shame block at the end.

Project Updates

  • Newsletter project: Type Designer Interviews | On track
  • Client project proposal: Design for a Direct Mailer | New
  • Writing Project: My issues with A/B testing & email marketing | On track

What did I do this week?


  1. Finished PRD & defined road map for V0/proof-of-concept for newsletter project


  1. Wrote draft article/post on A/B testing in email (and my issues with the practice)
  2. Kick off/intro to new client prospect – potential design job for a direct mailer


  1. Added custom fonts from Fontstand to the journal, tinkered with style sheets in Typehut
  2. Edits and revisions on article following feedback


  1. Wrote design brief and estimate for Direct Mailer job


  1. Created to-do list with project partner for newsletter project

What’s planned for next week?

If the Direct Mailer gets a green light, that will take up about half of my week. I’ll fill the rest with the newsletter project.

If not, then I’ll be working on the newsletter project and developing my email templating system.

Any blockers or challenges?

At what point does any aspect of the lockdown no longer become a ‘blocker’? Have we already passed that point?

Any thoughts or insights to share?

On writing

I really enjoyed getting back into writing, having a topic that I’ve long thought about, had detailed opinions on, and could organise into a written format. But I was less ready for the process of beating it into publishable form. I don’t think I’m mentally ready for a world where the Hemingway app defines what constitutes readable content. I felt it was stripping too much of myself out of my writing, which might be entirely appropriate for anything intended for general consumption. Still, I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.

So if the article doesn’t see the light of day on its intended platform, it may still surface here – along with some other attempts at getting my thoughts in order.

On typography

I would like to note for the record that this is the fourth post I’ve published to this journal, and I’ve only now made any changes to the typography. I’m learning to not let tinkering with fonts get in the way of launching a writing project.

Footer of Shame

  • Learning: Jason Rodriguez’s The Better Email | No progress
  • Client Project: Support with Partner List Marketing Opportunity Proposal | Waiting
  • Office Admin: Apply for ALGii | Paused
  • Code/Dev Project: Email Templating System | No progress
  • Workshop Project: Email marketing for freelancers & SMEs | No progress