WE April 24, 2020

Apr 24, 2020 Weekly Stand Up Notes

Project Updates

  • Newsletter project: Type Designer Interviews | Behind
  • Client Project: Support with Partner List Marketing Opportunity Proposal | Ongoing
  • Client Project: Ad hoc after sale support HTML email template | Complete
  • Writing Project: Pitch ideas for CRM & Email Articles | New
  • Learning: Jason Rodriguez’s The Better Email | Ongoing
  • Office Admin: Apply for ALGii | Paused
  • Code/Dev Project: Email Templating System | Paused
  • Workshop Project: Email marketing for freelancers & SMEs | Paused

What did I do this week?


  1. Wrote first draft of List Marketing Partnership opportunity document for client in travel sector
  2. Filled out ALGii application forms, but discovered there were lots of questions about own assets and resources, and wasn’t entirely at ease about sharing data about our savings with the State without exceptionally good reason. Will sit on this for a bit


  1. Spent pretty all available working hours (5) getting to grips with a project page template in Notion, but did come out at the end of the day with something usable for my personal projects(https://www.notion.so/anthonynoel/Project-Template-c03bacbd04fe44d785112e10904d426f).


  1. Worked on extra ad-hoc support for Tourlane’s HTML email template, finding fixes for various rendering bugs in Outlook desktop and T-Online’s webmail client.
  2. Had a good meeting with my travel sector client regarding their List Marketing partnership opportunity. With any luck, we’ll be setting up a promotional email shot going out to their partner’s list as a lead acquisition campaign. We looked at various partnership models, with fee-per-lead looking most likely. Also good potential opportunity for me to demonstrate expertise to their partner, who currently do very little direct marketing of their own.
  3. Two good bits of virtual networking occurred:
  4. A potential collaborator for my newsletter project responded to my email offering support for her project
  5. A firm reached out to me unprompted looking for email & CRM support. That conversation is happening in German, so must manage expectations around my working capabilities in German!


  1. Finalised further minor but annoying rendering issues in the TL email template.
  2. Jumped on a writing opportunity posted to the #emailgeeks Slack workgroup, asking for people to write about CRM and email topics. Offered to pitch some article ideas.


  1. Compiled the Tourlane template code into inlined snippets ready for handover.

Objectives for next week?

  • [ ]() Set up the newsletter project in Notion
  • [ ]() Pull together everything done so far
  • [ ]() Finish the PRD
  • [ ]() Create a road map
  • [ ]() Pitch ideas for CRM & email articles
  • [ ]() Book a meeting with the company that reached out to me

Any blockers or challenges?

Tourlane HTML template is still a potential blocker, until I hear that all issues are resolved and we can close the project.

Any thoughts or insights to share?

Last Monday, I blocked out my week planning what I would work on, and when. And none of it worked out as planned. So this coming week I’m simply setting a goal for one main objective for the week that I would like to accomplish, and just keep the other tasks, projects and activities on the radar.