WC Monday April 20

Apr 20, 2020 Weekly Stand Up Notes, Weekly Stand Up Notes

For this first week only, I’m posting on Monday morning just to get things rolling. Next update due Friday afternoon.

Project Updates

  • Newsletter project: Type Designer Interviews | Behind
  • Client Project: Support with Partner List Marketing Opportunity Proposal | New
  • Learning: Jason Rodriguez’s The Better Email | New
  • Office Admin: Apply for ALGii | New
  • Code/Dev Project: Email Templating System | New
  • Workshop Project: Email marketing for freelancers & SMEs | New

What did I do last week?

  1. Completed Tourlane contract. Handed over final project assets
  2. Completed Plainsong Farm consultancy

What’s planned for this week?

  • ALGii application
  • Kick off new projects with PRDs: define intentions, goals and success descriptors
  • Complete foundational stages of The Better Email
  • Research compiler tools/methods for local email templating system
  • Draft Outline for email marketing workshop

Any blockers or challenges?

All three kids are still at home, and school is officially ‘back’ – so time will also need to be given to supporting the home learning

Any thoughts or insights to share?

I’m evaluating [Notion]()(https://www.notion.so) as a project management tool, possibly replacing some stuff I been doing in Airtable for the last few months. These notes have been written in Notion, so it might also replace [Bear]()(https://bear.app/) for note taking and [Day One]()(https://dayoneapp.com/) for journalling. Task management will be staying in [Omnifocus]()(https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus/) and time tracking in [Tyme]()(https://www.tyme-app.com/en/) for now. All of which is to say that my productivity set up isn’t a stable situation – I’ll be trying hard to avoid it becoming an anti-productivity time-suck, but if it does I’ll still try to flag it here.