I am a digital marketing technologist with a focus on efficient email marketing and scalable CRM systems and infrastructure.

New businesses looking to establish their email programme, enterprises ready to expand or optimise operations, or busy teams wanting to undertake special projects… I’m here for you.

I’ve helped small business owners do their own newsletter marketing, start-ups with their workflows and processes, and corporations with everything from template development to content strategy to platform migrations.

If your site developer is complaining about validating that email html, or your CRM team can’t see beyond the end of the week, or it’s time to make email work for you instead of you working on email, then let’s talk.

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I am a designer by training, practice and inclination.

My spell as Senior Designer for (and founding member of) Katapult saw me lead branding projects and develop style systems.

Later for MyFonts, I created type samples and branded material for their conference sponsorships.

I worked with my friend Jan Middendorp when he needed to bring two books to life, working as a project manager, a proof reader, a layout artist and a production assistant.

For my friends at Fifth Word Theatre, I designed workshop learning materials, web and app interfaces and built a system for automating the collection and presentation of 100s of research records into a simple, usable and visual classroom resource.

Design isn’t an outcome, it’s a process – my background in design informs my thinking in everything I do.


I’m not a writer, but I do like to write (ask anyone who has had to wade through one of my emails or project proposals).

Text has long been like a close second cousin to my main professional activities, and although the opportunities to wield a pen rather than a mouse have been only very occasional recently, I’m looking to take more time to develop my writing again.

Most of my professionally-produced writing hasn’t survived in the wild, but luckily I have copies on file, some of which I’ll add here as I dig it up.

Need to see know more? Here’s my CV, and my LinkedIn profile.