I am a freelance Email Marketing Specialist, offering a range of services that fall within the scope of sending rich, targeted email to engaged customers and subscribers. I like to operate the levers of large scale email marketing platforms, designing and developing layouts, designing content, planning out operational and strategic programmes, working with analytical services and handling data in various formats. Most of my recent employers tried to describe me as a Marketing Manager, but that was presumably only to save on ink when they printed my business cards.

On my path to this point, I’ve on various occasions been something between a writer, an editor and a graphic designer. My focus and professional interest is on the worlds of graphic design, type, type technology and most design and visual culture in general.

I life in Berlin with my wife Julia and our three little works-in-progress – all wilful bundles of developing personal identities; a flowering teen (14, nearly), a wannabee teen (9) and a teenie little bit of trouble (4).

If those four gave me any free time, I would be busy improving my German, rediscovering the guitar and spending all our discretionary income on camera film and vinyl. Until they do, my spare mental capacity is used to consume books, audiobooks and podcasts on history, philosophy, sci-fi and proper science. I like to run when I can. For some reason, I still follow British1 sports2 that the Germans are never likely to understand. (No, not croquet).